About Our Team

JB Video Productions is a corporate video production company based in Los Angeles. Our team is passionate about helping companies from various industries to develop video marketing tools that will keep them on top of the competition. We want you to be one of those companies.

Our company was established by Harold Meers who graduated with a film degree from UCLA. He polished his skills after serving as a short film director for many projects. His obsession with film making translates to how effectively he can create high-quality videos that reflect his mastery of the art of video production. He is surrounded by an equally amazing team which is adept in all video production processes.

At JB Video Productions, we want your whole experience with us memorable. We understand that operating your business can very stressful. We want to lessen your anxiety be giving you a high-quality video that can generate positive marketing responses in no time. Our aim is to make your company reach out to millions of potential customers at the easiest and at most cost-effective way possible.

Our brains work non-stop in thinking how we can merge your marketing visions with our creativity. The solution is simple, we will work with you to understand your purpose and what you want to achieve with the video. Your company needs and wants will be considered as we make the concept and the final touch of your video. We guarantee that the end result will be satisfying not just to your visual taste, but to the purpose where it was intended for in the first place.

We are excited to work for you. Give us a call and we can discuss how to make your dreams for your company turn to reality.

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